What To Wear To A Toronto Nightclub

So you’re ready to head out on the town. You’ve got your friends ready to go, you know exactly which clubs you’re going to hit up and you’re prepared to dance the night away. But what do you wear? When you’re visiting a Toronto night club, this is an important decision. If you’re wondering what you should wear, here are a few tips.

Of course, what you wear to a Toronto night club will depend if you are male or female.

If you’re a guy, there are generally a few rules to follow: don’t wear baggy jeans, tank tops, wife beaters, shorts, hoodies, sandals, baseball hats or excessive jewellery. You’ll probably want to avoid wearing sneakers as well, unless they’re especially nice ones. When in doubt, dress “smart casual.” This generally means neat yet informal attire. You probably don’t need to wear a suit, but you won’t get into a lot of clubs wearing baggy jeans and an old t-shirt either. Khakis (or similar pants) along with a collared shirt and clean loafers will be fine for most clubs.

For women, there are usually fewer “rules.” Wear something stylish and comfortable and you should be fine. Stay away from clothes that are worn or dirty and you’ll likely be okay. Depending on the club and your personal style, you may want to stay away from tennis shoes and sneakers as well.

Dress for the Toronto Night Club You’re Going To

Most importantly, you’ll want to dress for the club that you’re visiting. Each Toronto night club is different and each one will have different expectations for what you should wear. While one Toronto night club will be fine with jeans and t-shirts, another one might expect more formal attire. Each Toronto night club has its own style and they all cater to different music fans and different crowds. Try and find out what type of Toronto night club you’re visiting and dress to match that club’s style.

Some clubs have dress codes and some do not. If a Toronto night club has a dress code, you can likely find out the details on the club’s website. There are clubs for just about everyone. Whether you’re looking for a casual atmosphere or an upscale establishment with bottle service Toronto has what you’re looking for.

Above everything, you’ll want to dress in something that you feel comfortable in. When you’re getting dressed for a night at a Toronto night club, wear clothes that you like, ones that you think you look good in and ones that you can wear with confidence. Then hit up the club and dance the night away.