Toronto’s Winter Club Wear

Toronto’s Winter Club Wear

Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your weekends at the club. A few frigid temperatures shouldn’t keep you from dancing all night to Katy Perry. Instead, make a few smart changes to your wardrobe that will keep you looking and feeling hot while in the long lines, yet cool while you’re shaking your tail feather to Nelly’s beats. Follow these tips to ensure your winter clubbing clothes are sharp, sexy and most importantly, flexible, to keep up with all your moves.

Fitted Pants

Most people assume a dress code of short, glitzy dresses for a night of clubbing. But a pair of fitted black leather pants is just as alluring. If leather isn’t your thing, then any pair of fitted pants will do the trick, especially leggings. Pair them with any of the following for a sexy clubbing look:

  • A scintillating halter top
  • The latest “it” shoes; a pair of high-heeled booties
  • A pair of thigh high boots

Not only will fitted pants keep you warm in the icy temps, but they will also look sensuous and intriguing on the dance floor.


If you can’t imagine clubbing all winter without your favorite skimpy dresses to accompany you, then don’t. Add a pair of tights to cover up the goose bumps on your legs and continue rocking those fitted dresses all season long.

To mix up your look, try different patterns, colors and designs. Go for a pair of fishnet stockings tucked into a pair of high-waisted shorts, or look for a bold design that adds flair to your little black dress.


In Toronto’s winter, coats aren’t optional. Leave the ski jacket at home and instead try one of these fashionably hot combinations:

  • A long trench coat paired with a short dress or mini skirt
  • A short leather jacket with a pair of fitted black pants
  • A shawl to drape over the bare shoulders of your LBD

If you own a fur coat, either long or short; wear it. It looks great with just about anything. Plus you can easily dress it up or down for the particular club you’re visiting, and it never goes out of style. As an added bonus, it will keep you toasty and warm on even the most glacial of nights.


Those strappy, platform sandals may not be your best friend in the midst of Toronto’s winter. Throw them to the back of the closet for the season and instead opt for close-toed shoes. They will save all your little piggies from a bad bout of frostbite. Try a pair of high-heeled booties. They can be worn with anything from a pair of leather pants to a short party dress.

If it’s especially frigid out, pick the leather boots. Either the thigh-high variety or the mid-calf version will definitely add warmth to your icy limbs while keeping your appearance hot.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

While you never want to forget a coat on a chilly Toronto evening, you definitely want to watch the amount of cold-weather accessories you don. With too many small items to keep track of it’s inevitable that something will land in the lost-and-found bin at the club. Skip the hats, beefy gloves and bulky scarves. Instead, select a pair of lean gloves that will easily fit into your coat pockets once you’re inside, and keep it at that.

To really avoid the cold when clubbing, get your name on a guest list to avoid the long outside lines. It’s also smart to ride the subway instead of walking 20 blocks in the numbing temperatures. Remember the subway closes at 1:50 AM so get home early enough to avoid having to use a cab and wait in the lengthy lines.