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Toronto’s Winter Club Wear

Toronto’s Winter Club Wear Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your weekends at the club. A few frigid temperatures shouldn’t keep you from dancing all night to Katy

Our VIP Contest Winners!

Our 3rd VIP bottle service contest is coming to a close in just 24 hours! We’ve added more and more ways to enter to our contest to make it easier for you to participate

Enjoy the VIP Treatment With Bottle Service at Cake

If you and your friends are looking for an unforgettable night out on the town in Toronto, Cake is the best place to go for a fun atmosphere and customized bottle service. Whether you

What To Wear To A Toronto Nightclub

So you’re ready to head out on the town. You’ve got your friends ready to go, you know exactly which clubs you’re going to hit up and you’re prepared to dance the night away.

How Do You Know Which Club Toronto Has For You

Each club Toronto has to offer is different. When it comes to finding the right best club Toronto has, it often comes down to personal choice. The club that you like best may not

Getting Around to Night Clubs in Toronto

By now you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of night clubs in Toronto, especially downtown. The Entertainment District is home to quite a lot of them. Night clubs in Toronto are all

Clubbing for the First Time

If you haven’t been clubbing before, you may be confused and even a little intimidated about the whole thing. You probably don’t know what to expect and the whole process might scare you. It

Should I Order Bottle Service at the Club

Do you want bottle service at the club? Here is some information that will help you decide. Lots of clubs in Toronto offer bottle service. There are a number of benefits to ordering bottle

What to Wear When Clubbing in the Winter

Clubs can be great places to show off your latest clothes and dress in some daring fashions. But what about during the cold winter months? How do you dress for clubbing while still staying

Getting the Most out of the Nightclubs Toronto

Toronto has a lot of nightclubs. Depending on where you go in the city, you’re going to find many different clubs all within close distance to each other. They might even be within walking